Rolling High Speed Doors

Fast PVC rolling door can be designed according to the needs of customers. These doors can be used in firms, inside or outside. The fact that it is not used on a fixed area provides a flexible usage possibility. According to the needs of the firms, they can easily choose PVC rolling doors in the building areas. In addition, it can be used in exterior areas and provides a wide usage area. 

Fast PVC rolling door can be produced by coating fabric. The different colors of the fabric can be helpful in separating parts of the business. The function of the tarps is not only aesthetic, but also contributes to the protection of the door system against impacts. Since the impacts of the fabric do not come into direct contact with the door surface, it is inevitable that the door will be protected and long-lasting. The fabric can be a very important material so that the door receives as little damage as possible from impacts. Of course the fabric is resistant to a certain level of impact and there is also the possibility of damaging the fabric. You can contact our company for repair of PVC Fabric Roll Up Door.

Rolling High Speed Doors Technical Drawing

Rolling High Speed Doors Specification

There are many color options for doors. All colors are as seen below. Some colors out of stock may delay the delivery date (RAL 1014 - 6001 - 9005)

Rolling High Speed Doors Colour Charts

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