Folding High Speed Doors

They are highly successful solutions in places requiring heavy vehicle traffic and where indoor weather conditions are required to be affected from the external environment to a minimum. Thanks to flexible PVC fabric system, they are very long-lasting and safe systems. In addition to the fixed speed opening and closing model, they are offered as two main models with flexible start and stop speeds.

High speed PVC fabric doors are made of high strength PVC material with fabric texture inside. Insulation levels are not as good as sectional doors, but they can operate continuously and cut off the air flow to the maximum extent, giving an effective result. They can work both outdoors and indoors throughout your entire working time. It has high speed PVC rolling (indoor) or folding door (outdoor), extremely durable motor and reducer systems. If necessary, they can be applied together with the sectional door and provide great insulation. It is one of the most important export products.

Folding High Speed Doors Technical Drawing

Folding High Speed Doors Technical Drawing

Folding High Speed Doors Specification

There are many color options for doors. All colors are as seen below. Some colors out of stock may delay the delivery date (RAL 1014 - 6001 - 9005)

Folding High Speed Doors Colour Charts

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