Cold Storage Doors

Cold Room Door Systems have a great importance and place in terms of thermal insulation of cold rooms and cold stores. In addition to the cooling systems used in cold rooms and cold stores, it is the most important factor for continuity to adjust the heat balance and not allow temperature loss. These functionally manufactured systems are offered to your service by using LID branded products, all of which are of original design.

Cold Room Door Systems differ depending on the environment to be used, the conditions of the environment, the door dimensions and of course the requests of the users. As LID Cooling Systems, we are at your service with our Cold Room Door Systems and warehouse cooling systems.

Together with our expert teams, we make the necessary examinations for the cold room systems you need, and ensure that our systems with easy installation and assembly feature become operational as soon as possible. If you want to get more information about the cold room doors used for factory cooling systems, you can review the rest of our article. You can contact us to be informed about prices and instantly benefit from the service guarantee we offer at the highest standards.

Cold Storage Doors Technical Drawing

Cold Storage Doors Specification

There are many color options for doors. All colors are as seen below. Some colors out of stock may delay the delivery date (RAL 1014 - 6001 - 9005)

Cold Storage Doors Colour Charts

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