Aircraft Hangar Doors

LID doors are designed for such shipyard and aircraft hangars. Doors without limits in dimensions are applied to any space. Projected, drawing and pricing according to the width and height you need.

Motorized shipyard door can be produced in one piece or can be designed as multi-part. It is especially used in very large transition areas, aircraft hangars, shipyards, production facilities and recycling facilities. Large mega shipyard doors are ready for all security systems. We can produce transparent windows with window in desired color.

Thanks to its unique design, it is highly resistant to wind. In this case, the parts can be used individually or all at the same time. This provides flexibility in use and allows it to be produced in unlimited dimensions. In particular, one of the biggest problems encountered in the shipyard and aviation sector is the covering of the facades of large span hangar buildings that require significant shipment volume in order to protect them from external influences. It is known that in such buildings, products such as folding fabric and temporary walls are used which are both non-durable and significantly increase time and cost. At this point, LID can produce large hangar doors that can work either manually with manpower or mechanically with engine power. The doors, which are designed according to the purpose of the building and customer demand without any size concerns, bring great convenience to the business owners.

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Aircraft Hangar Door Technical Drawing

Aircraft Hangar Door Technical Drawing

Aircraft Hangar Door Specification

There are many color options for doors. All colors are as seen below. Some colors out of stock may delay the delivery date (RAL 6019 - 5012 - 6018)

Aircraft Hangar Door Colour Charts

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